2200 Forum 2.0 HE - 2 MODULES - asymmetrical 50°

Installation type


Application usages


In its new release, the Forum 2.0 floodlight has been further upgraded, featuring even higher output, excellent light control, easy installation, and long service life. The extreme versatility of its optics enables it to adapt to different application needs, ensuring high performance in all circumstances compared to traditional floodlights. Forum LED 2.0 is available with one, two or three light modules, and a range of different optics to fully meet all lighting requirements for all sizes of indoor and outdoor venues.The great success of this floodlight is also given by the wide range of solutions, excellent technical features, and the careful choice of materials and electronic components that guarantee complete safety during operation and resistance to accidental impacts, temperature variations and weather conditions.Easy and safe to install, Forum 2.0 is also equipped with special devices for perfect aiming and positioning.Moreover, Forum 2.0 features technical solutions that increase safety, such as an automatic temperature controller and surge protector.Finally, LED technology is increasingly becoming the lighting of choice for stadiums, major infrastructure, and large areas due to its considerable energy savings as well as its scenic performance (DMX) and quality lighting levels that can ensure great safety and visual well-being.This is why, Disano's Forum LED 2.0 has become one of the most popular modular LED floodlights used in this type of application.

CodeKgLumen Output - K - CRITotWColour
27 kg111658 lm - 4000 K - 70736 WAnthracite
27 kg103842 lm - 3000 K - 70736 WAnthracite
Luminaire length770 mm
Luminaire Width372 mm
Luminaire height495 mm

The reported luminous flux is the flux emitted by the light source with a tolerance of ± 10% compared to the indicated value. The W tot column indicates the total wattage absorbed by the system without exceeding 10% of the indicated value.