1590 Braies - CCT-POWER SWITCH - roto-symmetric

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Cities aspire to be more liveable for residents and visitors by becoming increasingly more attentive to the quality of public lighting. To achieve this new form of urban decor in the best possible way, Disano presents different families of luminaires that can meet the needs of both big cities and small towns. Among these products, Braies holds a special place. Characterised by a high level of versatility, this innovative luminaire is designed for new urban routes, providing pedestrians and cyclists with more light and safety. The functional design also allows excellent distribution of the light flux and proper heat dissipation, lengthening the system's service life. Another unique feature of Braies is the possibility to choose the power wattage and colour temperature from 3000K or 4000K to guarantee the system's efficiency and to offer the most suitable solution for different installation contexts.CCT SWITCH = with this integrated switch you can select the desired light colour, 3000K or 4000K.POWER SWITCH = with this integrated switch you can select the fixture’s total wattage, 15W-20W-25W-29W (versions from 34W-42W-49W-59W available on request).

CodeWTotK - Lumen Output - CRI
330500-00154000K - 2030lm - CRI>80
330500-00153000K - 1929lm - CRI>80
330500-00204000K - 2707lm - CRI>80
330500-00203000K - 2571lm - CRI>80
330500-00254000K - 3383lm - CRI>80
330500-00253000K - 3214lm - CRI>80
330500-00294000K - 3925lm - CRI>80
330500-00293000K - 3729lm - CRI>80
CodeKgLumen Output - K - CRITotWColour
4.2 kg2030 lm - 4000 K - >8015 WBlack

The reported luminous flux is the flux emitted by the light source with a tolerance of ± 10% compared to the indicated value. The W tot column indicates the total wattage absorbed by the system without exceeding 10% of the indicated value.