1513 Torcia LED COB

Installation type


Application usages


Torcia with the new LED sources guarantees high lighting quality and with the unique reflector cone allows optimal light diffusion.LEDs of the latest generation generate comfortable light with significant energy savings. The quality of the materials goes hand in hand with technological solutions designed to increase the service life of the system.The luminaire has an automatic temperature controller that reduces the luminous flux in the event of an abnormal temperature rise. Moreover, resistance to mains voltage peaks is ensured by a protection diode. Torcia is a street lamp that can strongly characterise a lighting installation, renovating the appearance of an area.

CodeKgLumen Output - K - CRITotWColour
7.4 kg5060 lm - 4000 K - ≥8053 WGrey
7.4 kg4048 lm - 4000 K - ≥8053 WGrey
7.4 kg4706 lm - 3000 K - ≥8053 WGrey
7.4 kg5060 lm - 4000 K - ≥8053 WGraphite
7.4 kg4048 lm - 4000 K - ≥8053 WGraphite
7.4 kg4706 lm - 3000 K - ≥8053 WGraphite
Luminaire length3750000 mm
Luminaire Width3750000 mm

The reported luminous flux is the flux emitted by the light source with a tolerance of ± 10% compared to the indicated value. The W tot column indicates the total wattage absorbed by the system without exceeding 10% of the indicated value.