Liset 2.0 - wall light - direct light opal diffuser

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Liset 2.0 is a linear easy-to-fit module lighting system that offers multiple configurations in any space, including retail, artistic and cultural settings, or reception and/or hospitality facilitities. Compact, elegant, flexible and small in size, Liset 2.0 can be used as a recessed lamp, a ceiling lamp, a pendant lamp or as a track lighting system. It is available in three versions: with URG<19 dark light lamellar optics, with white or black comfort polycarbonate optics and with opal polycarbonate diffuser. The entire range is equipped with the latest 4000K - CRI 80 and 90 LEDs, allowing it to be easily integrated into any lighting design. Liset 2.0 is a truely multifunctional system, designed to make the best use of LED technology. Its clean-cut lines and luminous efficiency allow for extraordinary light and shadow effects. The extreme flexibility of the system is guaranteed by the many layouts that can be made with the corner module, which allows ALL LIGHT configurations, guaranteeing uniform ambient lighting and constant visual comfort. The main feature of the system is the possibility of integrating a wide range of additional recessed modules, surface-mounted spotlights and lamps from the Matrix Q series; thanks to the different combinations of power, lumens, light beams and aesthetic finishes, Liset 2.0 System can blend perfectly into any architectural context, enhancing a showroom space and the items displayed inside.

КодЭлектропроводкаКгСветовой поток — K — CRIВт всегоЦветГарантия
CLD1.2 kg1265 lm - 4000 K - >8014 WWhite7BB1785B-A3C4-4D4A-81B9-869FC714328D@1x
CLD1.2 kg1202 lm - 3000 K - >8014 WWhite7BB1785B-A3C4-4D4A-81B9-869FC714328D@1x
CLD3 kg2530 lm - 4000 K - >8028 WWhite7BB1785B-A3C4-4D4A-81B9-869FC714328D@1x
CLD3 kg2404 lm - 3000 K - >8028 WWhite7BB1785B-A3C4-4D4A-81B9-869FC714328D@1x
CLD1.2 kg1265 lm - 4000 K - >8014 WBlack7BB1785B-A3C4-4D4A-81B9-869FC714328D@1x
CLD1.2 kg1202 lm - 3000 K - >8014 WBlack7BB1785B-A3C4-4D4A-81B9-869FC714328D@1x
CLD3 kg2530 lm - 4000 K - >8028 WBlack7BB1785B-A3C4-4D4A-81B9-869FC714328D@1x
CLD3 kg2404 lm - 3000 K - >8028 WBlack7BB1785B-A3C4-4D4A-81B9-869FC714328D@1x

The reported luminous flux is the flux emitted by the light source with a tolerance of ± 10% compared to the indicated value. The W tot column indicates the total wattage absorbed by the system without exceeding 10% of the indicated value.