1889 Rodio PADEL - HE

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A truly comprehensive range of luminaires that can meet the multiple needs of outdoor lighting. From street lighting to architectural enhancement, from sports facilities to residential areas, Rodio is now available with special optics designed for the lighting of padel courts. This luminaire by Disano stands out for its very high light quality with colour temperatures of 4000K and excellent colour rendering. These outstanding technical features are complemented by long-lasting and carefully selected materials, and design details that ensure maximum versatility and easy usage.

КодАббревиатура проводкиКгСветовой поток — K — CRIВт всегоЦвет
CLD8 kg21775 lm - 4000 K - 80136 WГрафит
CLD8 kg35383 lm - 4000 K - 80265 WГрафит

Сообщаемый световой поток — это поток, излучаемый источником света с допуском ± 10 % по сравнению с указанным значением. Столбец Wtot показывает общую мощность, поглощаемую системой, не превышающую 10% от указанного значения.