3198 Forum LED - 3 MODULES - narrow beam S

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Indoor and outdoor

The range of Forum, Disano's top seller in the lighting of large areas and sport facilities worldwide, introduces the new Forum LED to its family.Drawing from its proven experience in the field of discharge lamps, Forum LED stands out thanks to the most reliable and sophisticated technologies and the use of the latest generation of LED sources.The design of the fixture's body makes it possible to obtain various combinations of power, lumen and light beams, offering floodlights with one, two or three LED modules, and distributions with 8° or 17° asymmetric, narrow beam and 30° to 120° symmetric beam.The remarkable output of these floodlights make them ideal for use in large surfaces as well as in indoor and outdoor sports facilities and arenas, providing unparalleled performance in every settings.Simple and safe to install, Forum is equipped with special devices for perfect aiming and positioning.The in-depth study of the optical unit and the incorporation of the LEDs inside the floodlight guarantee precision and high efficiency, minimising intrusive and glaring light in the surrounding areas, to the benefit of the visual wellbeing for players and spectators.The state-of-the-art LED sources, also in the 5700K and CRI90 colour, are ideal for the broadcasting of sports events, even in HD TV.

KódKabelážKgNominal CurrentWTotBarva
CLD-S+L28.64 kg1200 mA1278 WGraphite
CLD-S+L29.5 kg1200 mA1278 WGraphite
CLD-S+L30.61 kg1300 mA1392 WGraphite
CLD-S+L30.61 kg1300 mA1392 WGraphite
Luminaire length759 mm
Luminaire Width700 mm
Luminaire height382 mm

Udávaný světelný tok je tok vyzařovaný světelným zdrojem s tolerancí ± 10 % oproti uvedené hodnotě. Sloupec W tot udává celkový příkon absorbovaný systémem, aniž by překročil 10 % uvedené hodnoty.