1787 Astro LED - ATEX - asymmetric 50°

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Indoor and outdoor

Aesthetically pleasing and energy-saving light that lasts in time: the highest performance of new lighting technologies is achieved with the technical requirements and reliability of state-of-the-art luminaires, such as those designed by Disano, a company with over fifty years of experience in the lighting industry.Astro, a luminaire equipped with the latest generation of LEDs, was developed with this in mind. ASTRO is perfect for sports facilities, both indoors and outdoors.It is a suitable and verstatile solution thanks to its symmetic and asymmetric optics.A simple, linear design is combined with sophisticated technology for exceptional technical performance: Astro was designed to exploit the full potential of the new high-efficiency LED lights.The quality of the materials used and the fixture's high reliability, guaranteed by Disano, are a safe investment.It is possible to choose the driving current of the LEDs to ensure that the appropriate power is always available for any given design condition. Level of protection EPL DCFixture for use in explosive atmospheres due to the presence of gases with an increased level of protection that is not a source of ignition during conditions of normal operation and that may have additional protection measures to ensure that the source of ignition stays inactive in case of regular and expected failures.Protection against explosions: 3G Ex nA opis IIC T4 IP66 Gc - II 3D Ex tc IIIC T135°C IP66 Dc Admitted danger zone: Zone2, Zone 22Admitted ambient temperature: -20°C ÷ +40°CDegree of protection: IP66Installation: suspensionMechanical resistance of the housing: IK08Reference standards: EN 60079-0; EN 60079-15; EN 60079-31; EN 60079-28

KódKgNominal CurrentLumen Output - K - CRIWTotBarva
13.69 kg700 mA29198 lm - 4000 K - 70305 WGrey
13.47 kg700 mA29198 lm - 4000 K - 70305 WAnthracite
13.58 kg700 mA19465 lm - 4000 K - 70202 WAnthracite
12.13 kg700 mA19465 lm - 4000 K - 70202 WGrey
13.83 kg700 mA25954 lm - 4000 K - 70266 WGrey
13.57 kg700 mA25954 lm - 4000 K - 70266 WAnthracite
11.89 kg700 mA12976 lm - 4000 K - 70137 WAnthracite
12.19 kg700 mA12976 lm - 4000 K - 70137 WGrey

Udávaný světelný tok je tok vyzařovaný světelným zdrojem s tolerancí ± 10 % oproti uvedené hodnotě. Sloupec W tot udává celkový příkon absorbovaný systémem, aniž by překročil 10 % uvedené hodnoty.