6401 Rapid system UV-C - with selector switch

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Ultraviolet radiation can eliminate viruses and bacteria that settle in our indoor environments and surfaces. It is an ecological and easy means of disinfection.Disano presents a series of UV lamps that can be simply connected to your existing lighting system. This type of application requires the supervision of qualified installers to assess the safety of the system, which can be used only in the absence of people inside the room. The lamps are equipped with separate switches: one for general lighting, the other for UV sanitisation. The UV module also incorporates a safety indicator

0.965 kg38 WWhite
1.016 kg21 WWhite

Udávaný světelný tok je tok vyzařovaný světelným zdrojem s tolerancí ± 10 % oproti uvedené hodnotě. Sloupec W tot udává celkový příkon absorbovaný systémem, aniž by překročil 10 % uvedené hodnoty.