General terms and conditions.

  1. Scope of application

    1.1 The use of the electronic data and services made available by DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE S.p.A. and/or its affiliates (hereinafter referred to jointly as "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE") via online or Internet media (hereinafter referred to as "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE" media) is governed by these general terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may be amended, edited or replaced by different terms and conditions in specific cases, and included but not limited to, to allow the purchase of products and/or services. Upon login – if required – and by using the "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media" the user agrees to these terms and conditions in full.

    1.2 The "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media" are made available in the conditions in which they are found and have the aim to present DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE’s business for purely indicative purposes, without any guarantee regarding the up-to-datedness of the technical and qualitative characteristics of the individual products and services, which shall be verified and confirmed upon purchase.

  2. Services

    2.1 The "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media" contain information, software and any related documentation, which can be viewed or downloaded.

    2.2 DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE reserves the right to suspend, wholly or partly, and at any time, the availability and disclosure of the "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media". Owing to the nature of the Internet and computer systems, DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE will not take responsibility regarding the availability of the "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media".

  3. Registration, password

    3.1 The pages and information contained in the "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media" may be password-protected. To ensure safe and secure commercial transactions, access to protected areas is restricted to registered users only. DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE may deny registration to any user, at any time. DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE reserves the right to require registration to access previously accessible areas. At any time and without the need to provide a motivation DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE may deny access to a registered user if the user:

    provides incorrect data when registering; fails to comply with these terms and conditions or fails to use the necessary diligence when processing login data; fails to comply with current laws when accessing or using "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media"; does not use the "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media" for a prolonged period of time.

    3.2 In case of registration, the user agrees to supply truthful information and to promptly inform DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE (if possible, online) of any changes. The user must ensure that the email address supplied to DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE during the registration is always updated, allowing the user to be actually contacted at the indicated email address.

    3.3 After completing the registration to the Group’s websites, the "user data" displayed in the user’s profile page will allow users to view or edit their personal data.

    3.4 The user must prevent third parties from accessing their "user data" and is responsible for any transactions or other activity carried out with their user data. After each user session, the user must log-out from the password-protected area. If a user finds out that his/her user data are being used by third parties without his/her authorization, the user must promptly inform DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE in written form and, if possible, also via email.

    3.5 After receiving the notification mentioned in section 3.4, DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE will block any access to the restricted area from the indicated "user data". Access can be restored only upon the user’s request sent to DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE or by completing a new registration.

    3.6 At any time and in written form, users can request the deletion of their registration, user data and any other personal information previously provided, as long as the deletion does not prevent or hinder the correct performance of ongoing contractual relationships between the user and the company; in such case DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE will process the request only when these data will no longer be necessary for the performance of the above transactions.

  4. Right to use information, software and documentation

    4.1 The use of any information, software and documentation made available in the "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media" is governed by these terms and conditions, except for other conditions established in separate license agreements.

    4.2 DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE grants the user the non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the information, software and documentation available in the "media DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE" for the agreed purposes or, in the lack of a specific agreement, for the purposes specified by DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE when creating and disclosing such media, except for the cases of section 5.

    4.3 The software is made available for free in the form of object code. There is no obligation to provide the source code, except in the case of Open Source software, for which the related licensing conditions will apply and, if the source code is supplied, against payment of the related fees.

    4.4 The user cannot grant, rent or give in any other way to third parties the information, software and documentation contained in the "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media". Unless otherwise stated by law, the user cannot edit, decompile, translate or disassemble the software and/or related documentation. The user can make a backup copy of the software if this is necessary for the successive use in compliance with these terms and conditions.

    4.5 The information, software and documentation are protected by copyright laws, international treaties and any other intellectual property laws and treaties. The user agrees to observe these laws and, in particular, to not delete any alphanumeric code, brand or copyright mark in the information, software, documentation or copy thereof.

    4.6 With regard to the provisions in sections 4.1-4.5. the Italian laws on copyright applies, unless otherwise stated.

  5. Intellectual property

    5.1 The contents of the "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media", including all editorial content, informative texts, photos, illustrations, drawings and other graphical content, names, logos and brands are property of DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE S.p.a., as the proprietor, and of DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE S.p.a., as the license holder, and are governed by the laws protecting copyrights, brands, and intellectual property. The related use in accordance with these terms and conditions is allowed only for personal use and for non-commercial use. Whoever intends to use this content within their relationships with third parties must obtain prior written consent from DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE before reproducing, disclosing, distributing, transmitting, selling and publishing the content.

    5.2 These general terms and conditions for using the "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media" do not grant, not even tacitly, any type of copyright license or other intellectual property right regarding the contents of the media themselves.

    5.3 The graphic and design constituting the word DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE, the other product brands, the images and the logos that identify DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE’s products are of property of DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE S.p.A..

    The use of these brands, names and graphical representations is allowed only following the explicit authorization by DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE S.p.A.. The use of the name DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE is allowed as a reference, but such use must be notified in advance and in written to DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE.

    5.4 When using the "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media" the user must not:

    harm third parties, in particular, minors; commit, through its usage modalities, any actions which are contrary to public morality; breach intellectual property rights and any other property law; load content containing viruses (so-called "Trojan horses") or other type of software that may damage data or software; transmit, save or upload hyperlinks or other content without having any right thereof, in particular in case these hyperlinks or content breach the obligations of confidentiality or are in any case illegal; send advertisements or non-solicited emails ("spam") or inappropriate warnings regarding viruses, malfunctions or similar content; solicit the participation in lotteries, chain letters, pyramid schemes or other similar schemes.

    5.5 DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE can deny access to the "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media" at any time, in particular, if the user fails to comply with its obligations established in these terms and conditions.

  6. Hyperlinks

    The "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media" may contain hyperlinks to third-party websites. DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE is not responsible for the content of those websites and does not mean to present those websites and related content as its own. DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE does not have any control over the information contained in those websites. The use of those websites is at the user’s sole risk.

  7. Responsibilities

    7.1 DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE is not responsible for any damages caused by a different use (based on examination), namely a misuse of the information, software and documentation contained in the "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media", also considering the provisions of section 1.2.

    7.2 The information contained in the "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media" may contain technical specifications or general descriptions regarding the performance or functions of products, which in some cases (e.g. following updates to the products themselves) may not always be available. The characteristics of the performances desired for the product must be agreed upon purchase and on a case-by-case basis. All information is subject to amendments without notice.

  8. Viruses

    DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE undertakes to keep the "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media" free from viruses, although it cannot guarantee the total absence thereof. For his/her own safety and security, apart from protecting the DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media from possible infections, the user must also use security measures and install anti-virus software before downloading the information, software and documentation.

  9. Data exporting controls

    The export of information, software and documentation may require, for its very nature or intended use or end destination, a specific authorization. The user must strictly comply with the provisions regarding the export of information, software and documentation, in particular, the ones established by the European Union and the individual member states, in addition to the U.S.A.. Moreover, DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE marks the information, software and documentation that require a compulsory authorization in compliance with the list of the German and European export list, as well as the US-Commerce Control List.

  10. Data protection

    During the collection, use and processing of the personal data provided by the users using the DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media, DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE will abide by all applicable privacy laws and by its own privacy policy available online at

  11. Additional provisions, place of jurisdiction and applicable law

    11.1 Any additional provision must be made in written.

    11.2 The individual "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media" are managed by DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE S.p.A. and/or by its affiliates that, in their respective countries, are responsible for their specific contents. The DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media are compliant with the law of the country where the legal office of the company responsible for DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE’s business in that country is located. DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE will not take responsibility for the information, software and/or documentation of "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media" that can be viewed or downloaded also outside these countries. If the users access "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media" from external points, they will be the sole parties responsible for complying with the laws in that country. The users cannot access the information, software and/or documentation of the "DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE media" from countries where this access is illegal. In this case, and if it intends to establish commercial relationships with DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE, the user must contact the DISANO ILLUMINAZIONE representative for that country.

    11.3 These terms and conditions are governed by and are construed in accordance with the laws of the Italian Republic.

    11.4 Any dispute which may arise out of or in connection with these terms and conditions shall be settled in the courts of Milan.