17/22 Newsletter Disano

This important site, which bears witness to nearly two thousand years of Jerusalem's history, is located in the Old City and covers an area of almost two thousand five hundred square metres, right next to the souk, the famous market with its colourful stalls and many little shops with their inebriating smell of the most diverse spices.

Its important past is recorded in its name itself, Dar al-Consul, which means 'the Consul's house' in Arabic. In fact, in 1856 the complex was enlarged and became the seat of the Prussian consulate and the Consular residence.

Latin Patriarchate School
in Jerusalem

Recently, the fašade of the school of the Latin Patriarchate required a new lighting system that could emphasise its very special architectural structure, while creating evocative light effects at the same time. The Beam Engineering Technology design studio developed, together with Disano, a custom-made lighting system, comprising Microfloor LED recessed spotlights.

These fixtures, which are very simple and functional, are equipped with the latest generation of LEDs that ensure high energy savings and a very long service life, which are key features in places, such as schools, where lights need to stay on for most of the day.

Krack Store in Pontevedra

Krack is a chain of multi-brand shoe shops with numerous outlets all over Spain. Founded in 1990, it offers a wide range of women's, men's and children's footwear of its own brand as well as of the most popular national and international brands.

Disano, a leader in the retail and commercial lighting segments, was called to develop and implement the lighting project. The client installed Luthor, an adjustable recessed spotlight in both the Big and Medium versions. These lighting products feature excellent functionality and, most importantly, extremely advanced technological equipment.